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  • Parkway Annual Halloween Bash

    Parkway Annual Halloween Bash

    Well, as usual, a great time was had by all at Parkways annual Halloween Bash.  Both our short- term rehab patients as well as our beloved residents joined in the fun and dressed in costume. Short- term rehab patient Clyda Collard danced to Lady Marmalade and Ghostbusters.  She didn’t let being in a wheelchair slow

  • Resident Spotlight| Jamesetta Girton

    Resident Spotlight| Jamesetta Girton

    The Parkway Resident Spotlight is now shining on Jamesetta Girton who resides on our fourth floor.  She joined us on February 23, 2015.  What an excellent addition she has been to our Parkway community. Mrs. Girton was born May 3, 1935 in Nelson County, Kentucky.  She was the first of four children: three girls, then

  • Resident Spotlight | Shirley Johnson

    Resident Spotlight | Shirley Johnson

    This month’s Resident Spotlight shines down on Mrs. Shirley Johnson from the sixth floor.  The day she joined us, June 19, 2008, was a special day for our Parkway Community!  She moved here from a facility in Bowling Green so she could be closer to her son and his family. Mrs. Johnson was born June

  • Mary JoAnn Pike | Resident Spotlight

    Mary JoAnn Pike | Resident Spotlight

    Our October Resident Spotlight is shining down on Mary JoAnn Pike from the sixth floor. JoAnn moved into our Parkway community on May 7, 2010. Born on March 8, 1937, JoAnn was the second of six girls who grew up just around the corner from us on Reutlinger Street. Her parents named all six daughters

  • Raymond Truss | Resident Spotlight

    Raymond Truss | Resident Spotlight

    Parkway has had the pleasure of Raymond Truss’s company for just over ten years. In celebration we are shining our Resident Spotlight on him this month. He joined us on April 18, 2005 and currently resides on our seventh floor. Raymond was born on March 26, 1949 in Louisville. He grew up in the West